diapers made from bamboo? are they soft?

yes! incredibly soft. when people first feel our diapers, they are always shocked by how much softer they are than big brands! Bamboo is turned into a pulp through an eco-friendly pulverization process. That pulp is then used in our manufacturing process to create a premium, absorbent, and super soft material that provides the foundation of a bambamboos diaper.

If bambamboos are biodegradable, can I compost them?

Bambamboos are mostly biodegradable, which greatly limits the total waste generated when compared to other disposable diapers. Some aspects of the diaper cannot be made of bio-organic materials or they would lose their functionality, i.e. the magic tape. Even so, we do not recommend that you compost your bambamboos yourself.

If there aren't any dyes in bambamboos, how do you have prints on the diaper?

We use a soy ink which comes naturally from soy beans. By avoiding unnatural colors and bleaches, we ensure that nothing can get stained. Any colors can be rubbed off with water! 


if you have any questions, please, feel free to email us!