Tips on Getting a Shower

Everyone has advice for new parents: get sleep now is usually the big one. The piece of advice nobody says, though, is that you may never shower alone again. At least for a few years. When it starts, you have a newborn. It takes at least a week and spit up left in your hair for a day before you realize you showered two Wednesdays ago. Then, the baby screams if you leave her. This continues for a year until she just starts stripping and jumping in with you. There are, though, a few tips for getting that well deserved shower. There is nothing quite so refreshing – and deserving – for a new Momma.


shower time for mom

Showering with an Infant

During the newborn and infant stages, remembering to take a shower may be your biggest challenge. If this is your issue, you may want to set a reminder in your phone. Many babies, though, simply don’t allow their parents to take a shower. Instead, they demand your attention at all times. Feedings, diaper changes, spit up, cuddles, finding five minutes to get sudsy is difficult. If you are struggling with this, you may find it easier using one of these tips

  • Place your baby in her swing or bouncer: Leave her on the floor in front of the tub. This way you can watch her, grab a shower, and attend to her as needed. The swinging or bouncing is likely to help her stay asleep or at least calm.
  • Place her on a blanket with some toys: If staring off isn’t working, give her some toys to help her stay entertained.
  • Shower with her: It is likely going to be uncomfortable at first, however, if done properly this is completely safe. You can use either a small baby tub or something like a Blooming Bath to lay her on. Then, you can shower and she can see you the entire time. As a bonus, you can then gently rinse and bathe her when you are done. Two clean in one go.


Showering with a Toddler

Showering with a toddler often becomes more difficult, especially if you have a light sleeper. Suddenly, naps and evenings are no longer available. Everyone told you to put on a movie. They did not mention that after one minute of shower bliss, a naked toddler would be pushing your legs while claiming the water. If you are struggling with a toddler and a movie doesn’t cut it, you may want to

  • Place her in a high chair with a favorite snack: Whether it is cereal, apples, or sugary cereal, if your baby will give you 10 minutes of peace to shower, take it. You can also use coloring page placements to add extra entertainment.
  • Put a gate in her room: The gate is used to contain her within her room, which ideally is fully baby proof. Then, she can play with toys or lay down. It allows her door to stay open, however, so that you can still hear her if she calls for you.
  • Bring Out the Electronics: In a worst case scenario, bring out the electronics. Whether it is a tablet, a phone, or something else you know she craves, use it. Turn this into a special occasion that is used only when you shower. It gives your toddler something to look forward to and you a peaceful break.

Every parent deserves that 10 to 15 minutes by themselves to take a shower. Yes, you can shower with your toddler, too. It is not the same. If you are struggling to get that much needed break, don’t be afraid to give it to the one thing you know your baby wants. Whether it is a favorite toy, movie, or game, the peace a shower can bring you is well worth it. Not only will your body be clean, but your mind will be refreshed as well.

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