The Truth Behind Honest Diapers

In the last decade, parents became increasingly concerned over what products their babies used. This included anything from body wash to toys to diapers. Until potty trained, most babies spend 24/7 in their diaper. That can be for three years on average. It is only natural that parents start questioning the chemicals found in your typical disposable diaper. That is why, in 2012, Jessica Alba introduced The Honest Company.

The Honest Company released a number of products such as bubble bath, sunscreen, and of course diapers. The company touts a line of honest products that are healthy for your babies while offering cute designs as well. The diapers, however, are not free of chemicals and may still impose a health hazard to your baby.

Pros to the Honest Diaper

The Honest Company’s diaper is far greener than any other disposable diaper on the mass market. It eliminated a number of chemicals found in other brands and instead used plant based products to achieve the same results. The diaper contains:

  • PLA on the inner and outer layers for the waterproof barrier
  • Pulp from certified sustainable forests without chlorine
  • Citrus and chlorophyll to absorb odors
  • Gluten-free wheat and corn blend base for the absorbent core

Along with this, the Honest Company added cute designs and colors that almost every other disposable diaper fails to do. The designs also change throughout the year offering holiday and seasonal diapers. Right now, for example, the website is offering superhero words, bicycles, purple leopard print, and anchors among others.

Cons to the Honest Diaper

Even though the diaper is greener than others, it actually still contains a chemical harmful to babies. This is called Sodium Polyacrylate. This is used to add to the absorption of the diaper and aid in keeping your baby dry. In the Honest Diaper, it is added to the wheat and corn blend so that less of the chemical is used. Either way, sodium polyacrylate is known to cause dermatitis and other reactions to sensitive babies. It has also been called out for the possible cause of skin burns, too. Other chemicals found in these diapers include:

  • Polymer Spandex
  • Polyolefin

Along with the chemicals, the reviews of the Honest Company diaper are not generally high even though the price tag is. Baby Gear Lab, a recognized tester of everything baby, gives the Honest diaper a measly 2.5 out of 5 stars. Their overall opinion was that the diaper was cute, but overly priced. You can either pay less for a similar diaper or pay the same for a diaper that performs better.

Is the Honest Company diaper the worst diaper on the market? Absolutely not. The company moved leaps and bounds above other disposable diapers such as Huggies and Pampers. The problem is that the company acts as if it uses no chemicals at all. Though these are regulated by the FDA, tests have shown they pose problems to your baby. While the dose in each diaper may be small, remember that your baby is wearing that diaper almost every minute for years. Consider choosing a healthier, natural disposable diaper that won’t have these in it.


The Honest Company has helped consumers understand the benefits of choosing eco-friendly baby and home products. At Bambamboos, we hope that families will continue to research their products and find the best ones for them. Check out bambamboos diapers at