If you're in a pinch: Pampers vs Huggies?

DISCLAIMER: once and a while you gotta buy the nearest diapers around you. So which of the two largest diaper labels are better?


Arguably, the two most popular diaper brands are Pampers and Huggies. This is for good reason: these were the two first brands to be mass marketed. Pampers was introduced an incredible 60 years ago in 1956 while Huggies arrived on the market in the late 1970’s. These two brands are easy to find at your supermarket, shopping supercenter, or even a gas station. All diapers, though, are not created alike. Find out which diaper outweighs the other – and not only in what the baby puts in it.


One of the first differences you will find is the availability of sizing. Both Huggies and Pampers start with size 0 diapers – generally worn by premature babies. They then work their way up to size 6 for toddlers over 35 pounds. Each sizing comes with a different name to categorize it, which includes:


  • Swaddlers (newborn)
  • Cruisers (infants and toddlers)
  • EasyUp (pull Up)
  • Underjams (nighttime for big kids)



  • Lil’ Snuggies (newborn)
  • Lil’ Movers (infants and toddlers)
  • Snug & Dry (infants and toddlers)
  • Overnights
  • Pull Ups
  • Goodnites (nighttime for big kids)

The main difference in sizing, however, is that Pampers offers a diaper that fits children or small adults up to 85 pounds called a size 7. As of yet, Huggies does not have a diaper like this. It is ideal for older children having trouble with waking at night to use the bathroom or for special needs children/adults.


Quality of Diaper

Many reviews boast of the quality of Pampers to Huggies. Pampers tend to have a more natural feel to the diapers. The tabs on these diapers use a soft, almost Velcro, closure that is easy to reposition if needed.  Pampers diapers also have a wetness indicator and flexible sides to help ensure the diaper is moving with your baby. This brand also offers a “greener” diaper that is said to be better for the environment.

Huggies diapers, on the other hand, tend to feel a little more plastic on the outside. The tabs can be repositioned, but do not work as well. This is because Huggies uses a tape rather than a Velcro-like closure. The sides have a grip closure said to keep the diaper tight against your baby to prevent leaks. Huggies is currently working with Disney, so the diapers may have designs featuring your child’s favorite characters.

There is a pretty significant cost difference between these two diapers. A quick trip to Target revealed these as the costs for comparable size 2 diapers:


  • Snug & Dry 140 diapers: $24.99


  • Snugglers 92 diapers: $24.99

As you can see, you are getting 33% more for your money with Huggies. This may make the decision for many families as to what brand they purchase.


There have been a number of people who find that either Huggies or Pampers works for their family. The first are slightly different, so many find that one brand leads to explosions and leaks while the other doesn’t. Huggies has often been the go-to brand for Momma’s of boys. With that said you may want to start with a smaller pack and see what works best for your baby before investing in more. Overall, however, for the comfort and ease, Pampers tends to be the better diaper of the two.


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