Elimination Communication

Unless you already know about it, elimination communication will likely seem bizarre. In strictest terms, it means that from birth your child never wears a diaper. Elimination communication therefore creates zero waste and babies are potty trained extremely young. Some parents practice elimination communication at home, but still utilize diapers outside of the house for misses. Learn how this technique works and who practices it to see if you want to incorporate it into your daily life.


What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination communication is only effective for parents that are extremely in-tune with their babies. From birth, the parent must watch for cues that their baby is going to poop or pee. It may mean that the baby starts to squirm a certain way or makes a particular face. The parent then holds the baby over the toilet for her to go. As the baby grows, these signs become easier. Verbally, these words are picked up quickly as well.

One of the main tricks to elimination communication is to use the same word every time the baby pees and a separate one for poop. The baby then incorporates the word with that action. It gets to the point that you can say your word, and the baby automatically pees.


Forms of Elimination Communication

In the Eastern world, many cultures only practice elimination communication. This is done without the use of any diapers at all. The Western culture is much more focused on diapers and potty training than a large percentage of the world. With that said, there are still people throughout the States that practice Elimination Communication in a less strict sense.

  • In the Western Culture, elimination communication often means:
  • Naked babies at home, diapers while out
  • Babies still use toilet while out when possible
  • Newborns may be placed on blankets while learning cues

Many people throughout the country practice this form of ‘potty training.’ It is often considered a taboo subject because it is not well known.

Interesting Facts

It may seem overwhelming because elimination communication is still new to the Western world. There are, however, some interesting facts to learn about it as well:

  • Some Eastern countries put babies in pants with a hole in the back. This allows them to simply go to the bathroom quickly without dirtying clothes.
  • There is no reward or punishment system.
  • It is extremely clean system and some actually call it Natural Infant Hygiene.
  • Most EC babies are fully potty trained by their first birthday, while 33 percent of diapered babies still wear diapers at 3 years old.

Elimination communication is not for the faint of heart. You are going to be cleaning up messes as you learn potty cues. There will be baby poop and pee on your floor, your couch, your bed, and you. As you can imagine, though, the lure of leading a diaper free life intrigues many parents. If not only for the saved money and lack of chemicals, but the simplicity of never having a dirty diaper to deal with. Would you try elimination communication?



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