Healthy Baby Poop

Everyone has seen it. It is sticky, it is dense. It is yellow, it is green. It is seedy, it is peanut butter. Wait, is it peanut butter? At times, you may argue over whose turn it is. It is baby poop in a diaper. With so many consistencies and colors, a slight change makes you go through the list of foods the last three days. That baby poop, like yours though, is likely just a healthy reaction. Check out each of these descriptions to find out if your baby has normal poop.


Meconium: Meconium is black, sticky, tarry goo. It is completely normal for the first few days after birth. Meconium is the leftover amniotic fluid and cells your baby had in her system from the womb. As she starts to get breastmilk or formula, the meconium will become a dark green color. This means that it is getting flushed out of her system and her digestive track is working.


Formula Poop: If your baby is formula fed, even part time, her poop may just look like a spoonful of creamy peanut butter. Unless it is fortified with iron, any formula poop has a brown color to it: tan, green-brown, dark brown, etc. These are all normal. If it is fortified with iron, the poop may be green or black. Along with these colors, any formula poop has a very distinct smell – a mild odor.


Breastmilk Poop: Yellow poop? Check. Seeds? Check. That is a fully breastfed baby. Along with yellow and seedy, her poop will be closer to the runny side. There should be no odor to it and if there is, you may actually like the smell. It is possible to see a breastmilk poop that is green in color. If it is a one-time deal, it is likely something you ate and not a concern. If it continues and your baby seems fussy, it can signify a food allergy – typically milk. It if is green and frothy, she may need more hindmilk. A lactation consultant can help with that.


Solid Food Poop: If you couldn’t wait for the smell, here it is. The introduction of solid foods means your baby’s poop is going to really smell. At times, worse than your own. The poop should be brown in color and have a thick, but not completely solid, consistency. Depending on what you feed her, you may notice chunks of undigested foods. This is especially prevalent with any type of berries.


There are going to be times your baby has unhealthy poops. If you notice any constipation or diarrhea that is consistent for a few days, you should bring her to the doctor. If any of these poops appear, you should call the advice nurse or bring her in immediately:


  • Thick, black poop
  • White poop
  • Bloody poop


If you have a baby, you are going to deal with poop. Whether it is a mix of peanut butter and yellow seeds for the baby who is both breast and formula fed or stinky, brown poop with strawberry in it, these are normal. If you ever have any questions, though, your doctor is the best person to ask.