Bamboo vs. Regular Disposable Diapers

It may seem hard to believe, but the disposable diaper is a relatively new invention.

The first one did not hit the mass market until 1948. This means that the diaper is

still evolving as people find new materials and styles that are more efficient. The

bamboo disposable diaper is one of these.

Regular Disposable Diapers

The disposable diaper that most people know includes brands like Pampers and

Huggies. These were the first two brands brought to the market and because of that

have undergone extensive research and changes. This gives the diaper benefits such


  •  Lower Cost: The companies can mass-produce in multiple factories giving the 

buyer a lower cost. In addition, many generics have been created that offer

an even cheaper alternative.

  •  Design: You will find diapers with licensed characters that may make your 

child more excited to wear them.

  •  Availability: The regular disposable diaper can be found anywhere from an 

airport convenience store to your every day grocery store.

The newer generation of parents, however, is requesting more information about

these disposable diapers. Rather than focusing on the convenience, they want to

know what is going on their child’s skin. We know that these disposable diapers

contain chemicals like

  •  Phthalates
  •  AZO Pigments
  •  Heavy Metals
  •  Formaldehyde
  •  Polyacrylic Acid
  •  Dioxins

Some of these chemicals, like dioxins, are carcinogenic. Others have caused a large

number of babies chemical burns after one wear.

Bamboo Disposable Diapers

bamboo cultivation to diapers

A new alternative was introduced to the market approximately two decades ago: the

bamboo disposable diaper. It offers the convenience of the throwaway diaper with

the added benefits of a sustainable material. These offer a number of health benefits

such as

 Chemical Free: Most bamboo disposable diapers do not need chemicals 

 Absorbency: Bamboo naturally absorbs a lot of weight.

 Sustainability: The main material is sustainable and renewable. This makes it 

an environmentally friendly option as well.

 Biodegradable: It won’t sit in the landfill for hundreds of years.

While these benefits may make you switch diaper brands, there are still cons to

consider to the bamboo diaper as well such as

 Expense: These diapers haven’t reached the general market and usually cost


 Availability: It will be difficult to find these in a store; most need to be

purchased online.

 Sizing: Some consumers find the bamboo diapers are a little bulkier. Our diapers run slightly larger than other labels

 Fit: Bamboo is a flexible material, so you may find that the diaper runs larger.

An interesting fact is that the diapers thrown away in the 1960’s are still sitting

here. Due to the chemicals, it is going to take another 450 years before they have

degraded in the landfills. Bamboo diapers won’t have this effect on the environment.

There is no question that in terms of chemicals and sustainability, the bamboo

disposable diaper is the better option. Its limited availability and higher cost,

though, mean it is not an option for every family. When possible, some families use

the regular disposable diapers while incorporating the bamboo ones as their

finances and schedules allow. No matter what you choose, though, your baby is

going to look adorable in them. That is a guarantee you can count on.


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