What is the word on Bamboo?

Bamboo: tall, thin, panda, China. These are the most common words that are

associated with the plant. Many people only think of bamboo as the newest floor

trend or a natural garden wall. Though bamboo appears and acts like wood, it is

actually a grass. It is this simple fact that makes it one of the most sustainable and

renewable sources in the world.


Growth Cycle of Bamboo

If you think about the different of grass and wood, you immediately know that grass

grows much faster. This is the same for bamboo. The average tree takes as long as

fifty years before it reaches maturity. Bamboo on the other hand, takes an average of

sixty days. This means every two months there is a new crop of the plant ready for

use rather than once in a lifetime. Other facts that affect the fast rate of growth


  •  Bamboo is a flowering plant, however the flowers appear infrequently. In 

some cases, it is as few as once every 50 years. To compensate for this,

bamboo releases a much higher rate of seeds.

  •  A crop of bamboo is extremely difficult to kill, the only way being to plow the 

entire field.

  •  There are two kinds of bamboo: running and clumping. Running is more 

frequently used because many shoots of bamboo come from the same root.

  •  Bamboo can grow almost anywhere from China to United States. The only 

climate it does not survive in is extreme cold.

Uses of Bamboo

What we know of as modern day bamboo has been used for decades. In the Eastern

World, this means thousands of years. The Western world, however, only started

seeing its potential in the 1940’s. Though wood is highly relied as a main resource

for everything from homes to paper, bamboo is being regarded as the plant that

save the future as wood quickly diminishes. Along with building supplies, bamboo is

also used for

  •  Decorations: Furniture, Privacy Screens, and Gardening
  •  Fabrics: Sheets, Clothing, and Diapers
  •  Cooking: Cookware, Bamboo Shoots in food
  •  Instruments: Flutes, Drums
  •  Farming: Main or Side Crop

If these items are too typical, there are a number of surprising products that can be

made from bamboo as well. This includes items such as 
  •  Beer
  •  Sugar
  •  Deodorizer
  •  Record Player Needles

These are items that resources such as wood are not going to produce. Every day,

new product is created or found that has been made from bamboo. Whether you are

just finding this green product or already have floors of it, the number of ways we

can use bamboo is simply surprising.

It is the fast growth cycle and hundreds of varied uses of bamboo that make it such a

sustainable resource. It isn’t only that the bamboo matures in sixty days, it is how

much it grows in that time. In only two months, the bamboo is as tall and thick as a

forest of mature trees. There are so many ways to use bamboo that we have not

even seen them all yet. It may be an old resource, but it is full of fresh and inventive



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